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ABOUT Neighborhood NETWORK

     For over 25 years Neighborhood Network promoted local businesses through print and online marketing. Mary Merenda is the founder and president of Neighborhood Network. Mary recently retired from marketing and is re-fired to help her community by presenting keynote speeches and workshops. She presents on several topics: Tips & Tales on Sales and the Entrepreneur; and Daring to Make a Difference.  

 Mary's professional presentations help her audiences to become what they dare to imagine. Daring to Make a Difference is about inspiring people to reimagine, repurpose and rekindle the things that matter most in life.

     Mary connects to her audience with humor and heart. She conducts interactive workshops that delight the participants. Her ability to capture the minds, heart and spirit of her audience will captivate you. Mary brings a wealth of information and entertainment to any event.

     Mary Merenda is the author of the upcoming book, Pondering Pathways. Life needs to be lived many years before it can be reflected with all of the colors, angles, and shapes of a prism. Years of laughter and tears, dreams and disappointments, gains and losses shape the tapestry of our lives. Pondering Pathways validates many of life's experiences and decisions.

      Pondering Pathways is about a life lived forward and learned backward. It is our own unique thoughts, experiences and knowledge that mold us into who we are, but there is a common thread in all humanity. These are the A to Z letters of the heart. This book is 26 musings that ponder my experiences and lessons learned. Readers will resonate with the messages as they continue to follow their unique pathways.


Do you want a professional and entertaining speaker for your next event? Mary Merenda inspires audiences to reimagine and repurpose their lives after experiencing a life changing event. She delights and entertains as she rekindles the kid inside each of us.


Daring to Make a Difference


Mary Merenda   

PO Box 607  Libertyville, Il 60048

847-530-3939      marymerenda1@gmail.com